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A New Beginning

My first memory of feeling different was sitting in the car with my mom right after seeing Caden Jensen for brain integration. I asked her to give me words to spell, and I spelled them backwards and then forwards. I’d never been able to that before! As we were driving home, I couldn’t believe how bright and colorful the St. George hills looked or how fast the traffic was moving. I felt like someone had taken dirty glasses off of my eyes, allowing me to really see!


My name is Max Graf. Before I had brain integration, I felt like I was under water—like I couldn’t hear very well. My brain felt muddy and thick, and it was hard to think. I had a hard time understanding and comprehending things people asked me to do. It took me forever to figure anything out on my own unless it was drawing or legos. School was overwhelming, and my best efforts didn’t look good to anyone. I felt like I was capable of doing more, but I had no way of achieving it.

Now, 2½ years after brain integration, my brain still moves smoothly and freely. I can allow my mind to drift, but I can pull it right back and continue to stay focused. It seems like everything is easier and more enjoyable, especially school. I’m a freshman this year, and I’ve really noticed that I know how to mentally push myself in sports and in the classroom. This is new for me.  I also understand the concept of time and feel my day goes so much smoother because I can manage my homework, my athletics, and my work. I never understood what it meant when I was told, “We’re leaving in ten minutes.” Now I know what ten minutes feels like. My entire family is so grateful for this!

Before brain integration, music was almost painful. It was too loud and too fast. The morning after I saw Caden, I asked my mom to play a fast-beat song. She couldn’t turn it up loud enough!  I sang the lyrics to the beat, which was a first for me. My dad continues to teach me how to sing parts at church, and I am able to hear the notes better.

I feel so much more patient with people, especially with my sister. Because of this, I have more friends. I used to hang out with just one friend, but now I like groups and find myself listening to what people say.  I usually hear things the first time, and I think this has helped with my friendships, family relationships, and school work.



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